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Care Speech Pathology: Turning Challenges into Success

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Care Speech Pathology


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Telehealth Speech Pathology


"Crafting strategies that speak volumes about success"

When Care Speech Pathology, a leading provider of telehealth speech pathology services, came to us, they had a clear goal in mind – Generate quality leads while keeping the cost per lead under control. Their services were crucial, and their target demographic was defined, but the challenge was to reach out effectively and convert potential leads into clients.

Enter AdGurus. We understood that a generic approach wouldn’t cut it. We needed a strategy as unique as the services Care Speech Pathology offered. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We crafted a bespoke strategy and launched a Google Ads campaign coupled with a landing page. We didn’t stop at that. We went further and conducted A/B testing to ensure we were on the right track.

The result? A resounding success. The campaign not only kept the cost per lead in check but also generated a surge of leads. The client was so inundated with leads that they had to hire new therapists to meet the demand. It was a clear testament to the effectiveness of our strategy and execution.


Generate quality leads while controlling cost per lead.


A tailored Google Ads campaign with landing pages and A/B testing.


A surge in leads at a controlled cost, leading to business expansion.

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